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Eating well and feeling great starts here. Ordering is easy, plans start at just $6.49 per meal and there are NO contracts. Simply choose from the options below and get started on the freshest, most delicious way to meet your nutrition goals—without the guesswork.

Meal Plans

Choose from our chef-prepared Healthy Mix, Vegetarian, Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten Free menus or Create Your Own with our custom option. Select your start date, calorie count, days per week and number of weeks for service.

Select Your Meal Plans.

Single Meals

Order meals, including Keto, individually or add single meals to a meal plan—with no limits on how many individual meals you can order.

Order Single Meals.

Snack Packs (Temporarily Suspended Due To COVID-19)

Enjoy snacks that satisfy but won’t blow your diet. Our Snack Packs offer an assortment of chef-prepared fruit on the bottom yogurt, house-made protein, snack and granola bars, plus cheeses, mixed nuts, fresh fruit and more. Our pack contains 5 snacks to enjoy throughout the week.

Add Snack Packs.

Dessert Boxes (Temporarily Suspended Due To COVID-19)

Never sacrifice your sweet tooth again! At Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine, we also offer low-calorie desserts that let you end every meal on a sweet note, guilt-free. Each box contains five low-calorie desserts, such as Mini Blueberry-Lemon Cheesecake, Assorted Fruit Cobblers and Pecan Bars. Add a dessert box to your meal order or enjoy by itself.

Order Dessert Boxes.

Fresh Extras (Temporarily Suspended Due To COVID-19)

Always have something healthy on hand with our new Fresh Extras, a satisfying array of additional options from house-made protein and snack bars to breakfast breads and seasonal items.

Choose Fresh Extras.

Gift Certificates

Make it even easier for friends and family to eat well, stay fit and enjoy life with gift certificates from Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine, available in any amount.

Buy Gift Certificates.

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