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The Most Wonderful Time of The (New) Year!

How do you end 2016? Did you hit any or all of your health and fitness goals? We hope you did and on that note, we would like to share another inspirational story from one of our favorite Atlanta crossfitters, Rebecca Walburn“After starting Fresh ‘N Fit in the last quarter of 2016, we’ve had Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. I’ve traveled coast to coast for work. I’ve had road trips to visit family as well as long term house guests staying in our house. We even had a few germs run through the house. It has been chaotic, to say the least.”

“It might be the most wonderful time of the year but it is also one of the most stressful.”

“Despite the overbooked season, I am happy to say that both my weight and body fat are both down! I haven’t been starving, I haven’t deprived myself of my favorites. I’ve mostly stayed with my meal plan and lost weight and body fat over the holiday season while still eating pumpkin pie with whip cream, birthday cake, and sugar cookies I decorated with my kids.

“Having the consistency of the meal plan kept me on track and I’m much closer to my goals because of it.”

“Sure, I could have dropped more weight and fat had I skipped those seasonal foods, but being able to enjoy those moments without any guilt is an amazing feeling. Plus, losing weight and decreasing body fat is not something that usually happens around the holiday season. I’m THRILLED I can still savor the moments with my family without feeling deprived and yet I’m still closer to my goals. I have no doubt the foundational nutrition from Fresh ‘N Fit helped this become a reality.  If you haven’t tried Fresh ‘N Fit, give it a few weeks and see how it can help you as well.”

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Meal Planning vs. Meal Prepping

mealplan01By: Rebecca Walburn

There is a world of difference between having a meal plan and having to meal prep.  I’ve been on a fat loss journey for some time so I know that nutrition is the key to reaching my goals.  I’m no stranger to Meal Prep Sunday.  That is the day where my husband and I sit down and plan and prepare for the week ahead.  We would sit down to make a grocery list of what we wanted to eat, one of us would go shopping pick up everything, and then we would spend the rest of the day measuring, weighing, and portioning the food.   It was an all-day event.  After meal prepping several times, the same meals come up on the menu because it’s easier to repeat than to have to figure everything again out for another meal.  Even with repeating the same meals, the time invested is significant. I can’t tell you how many hours we spent in the kitchen trying to get the meals figured out to where they were nutritionally hitting my goals.

Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine has been a game changer for meal planning.  The meals are portioned with nutrition in mind.  All of the nutrition information for the meal, including macronutrients and calories, is already calculated and listed on the packaging!  I love the fact that even before I order, I can look on the website and see the nutritional content and plan my week using that information.

The time saved following the meal plans from Fresh ‘N Fit vs. the time spent performing traditional meal prep is phenomenal.

Instead of planning my day around preparing food, I sit for 15 minutes and plan the week out and then it’s done.  That’s it.  I know what I’m eating for the rest of the week.  No more spending Sunday in the kitchen with two cooks trying to get the week figured out.  We have an entire afternoon to spend time with the family.  That is everything to me.  Sure, I could continue with traditional meal prep and get the results I need, but when time is so valuable, why would I?  Fresh ‘N Fit helps make the journey less stressful and allows me to enjoy more time on the weekend doing what I enjoy doing.  Words can’t describe how much I enjoy spending the time with the family instead of in the kitchen.

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Now Is the Right Time for Fresh ‘N Fit

img_20161104_135545As we enter the holiday season, staying focused on your nutrition and fitness goals becomes more and more difficult. With all of the family gatherings and holiday parties happening, meal planning tends to turn into a chore. Grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning always ends up eating away at the one thing we wish we had more of: TIME.

Meet Rebecca Walburn who up until recently was experiencing that exact problem. She explains, “Every year is different, but 2016 has been a roller coaster of a year. With all of the holiday festivities coming up, the rest of the year doesn’t seem like it will get any easier. I’ve been scrambling trying to fit everything in and in the process make my life simpler and less stressful. Finding Fresh ‘N Fit was exactly what I needed. We were spending hours shopping, prepping, measuring, cooking, and packaging food each week so I could stay on track for my nutritional goals.”

“It became a headache and took up so much of our weekend. I just started ordering Fresh ‘N Fit last week and the time saved was amazing. I had my weekend back!  Not only am I able to spend that time and energy with my family but my nutrition is not compromised! The stress of this season usually gets to me and I end up picking up food on the go or eating things that are not aligned with my goals. Having the Fresh ‘N Fit meal plan, there is no guesswork. Instead of gaining weight this season I plan to lose fat!  Thank you Fresh ‘N Fit!”

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