The Most Wonderful Time of The (New) Year!

How do you end 2016? Did you hit any or all of your health and fitness goals? We hope you did and on that note, we would like to share another inspirational story from one of our favorite Atlanta crossfitters, Rebecca Walburn. "After starting Fresh 'N Fit in the last quarter of 2016, we've had Halloween, … Continue reading The Most Wonderful Time of The (New) Year!

Meal Planning vs. Meal Prepping

By: Rebecca Walburn There is a world of difference between having a meal plan and having to meal prep.  I’ve been on a fat loss journey for some time so I know that nutrition is the key to reaching my goals.  I’m no stranger to Meal Prep Sunday.  That is the day where my husband … Continue reading Meal Planning vs. Meal Prepping

Now Is the Right Time for Fresh ‘N Fit

As we enter the holiday season, staying focused on your nutrition and fitness goals becomes more and more difficult. With all of the family gatherings and holiday parties happening, meal planning tends to turn into a chore. Grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning always ends up eating away at the one thing we wish we had more … Continue reading Now Is the Right Time for Fresh ‘N Fit