Missing! Have You Seen Us?

Have you seen us? If so, then you would know that Star, Connie, and Patrick have lost over 150 lbs collectively since March! How did they do it? Hard work, determination, and Fresh 'N Fit Cuisine's calorie and portion controlled meals! Connie first started on meals from our Healthy Mix menu back in April before transitioning … Continue reading Missing! Have You Seen Us?

#PJDropping100 | Day 149, CFF WLC Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the CrossFit Fayette Weight Loss Challenge: Team - Patti & Mike Mowrey - 5.5 lbs per week (27.5 lbs total lost in 5 weeks) Top Female - Sherry Wilkinson - 2.3 lbs per week (11.5 lbs total lost in 5 weeks) Top Male - Nick Pietromonaco - 4.8 lbs per … Continue reading #PJDropping100 | Day 149, CFF WLC Winners

#PJDropping100: It’s Not Just Me, Day 129

It's not just me having success getting fit with Fresh 'N Fit Cuisine.  Several people at my CrossFit Fayette, the box where I work out, friends, neighbors, everyone wants to know what I'm doing. I've been eating Fresh N Fit Cuisine meals since March 7, 2016 as the Nutrition component of my weight loss plan … Continue reading #PJDropping100: It’s Not Just Me, Day 129

#PJDropping100: Stay Positive, Day 101

There is a lot of hate out in the world, evidence of the tragic events that happen in Orlando this past week. My heart goes out to the families and friends who lost someone. My prayers and thoughts are with you. The life style change component is very crucial to glue the nutrition and exercise … Continue reading #PJDropping100: Stay Positive, Day 101

#PJDropping100 | Memorial Day, Day 82

Today, I honor all service men and women who have given their lives for our freedom. And thank you to all the veterans who served and all the active and reserve duty who continue to serve. I know freedom is not free and what you do is much appreciated. Today, 45 of my friends and I … Continue reading #PJDropping100 | Memorial Day, Day 82

#PJDropping100: Day 77, Weigh In Wednesday

The first stage of my #PJDropping100 journey is complete, which was a weight loss challenge I participated in at my work. The results of the challenge have not yet been posted, but I feel good about the performance of my three person team.  Regardless of the outcome, my team are all winners for their performances. … Continue reading #PJDropping100: Day 77, Weigh In Wednesday

#PJDropping100: Weigh In Wednesday, Day 66

One more weigh in until I hit the 12 week mark of my journey, which will be Friday May 27. Today was another successful day, as I continue with my weight loss plan of Nutrition, Exercise, and Life Style Changes. https://youtu.be/XbA880berPw Not sure which of our 5 chef prepared menus is right for you? Not … Continue reading #PJDropping100: Weigh In Wednesday, Day 66

#PJDropping100 | Breakfast for Champions, Day 64

I'm loving my high top Chuck Taylor II's.  They make a great and stylish shoe to WOD in. Nothing like one arm alternating power snatches and box jump overs for like forever and a day!  I'm decent at the one arm snatches, but I'm still too heavy to be jumping around. The impact on my … Continue reading #PJDropping100 | Breakfast for Champions, Day 64

#PJDropping100: 57lbs in 52 Days On Fresh ‘N Fit

I have a digital scale at home that has read "Errr" whenever I stepped on it for the last year or more, because I was too heavy for it to register my weight. That ended today, as my scale now registers my weight again! Yay, what a great feeling. My weight loss journey reached a … Continue reading #PJDropping100: 57lbs in 52 Days On Fresh ‘N Fit

#PJDropping100: I.O.U. to The D.C. Mindset, Day 47

This week I spent a day in Boston, was fortunate to visit CrossFit New England, where some of the biggest names in the sport of fitness (CrossFit) have or are training, including the fittest woman in the world: Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir. If you have an I.O.U. mindset, that can be a good thing if you … Continue reading #PJDropping100: I.O.U. to The D.C. Mindset, Day 47