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Looking For A Convenient & Delicious Way To Eat Healthy?


By: Melissa Benes
In my opinion, Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine is 100% the way to go if you are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. It has proven to me to be a fool proof system when it comes to eating. During my journey with Fresh ‘n Fit, there have been numerous times where I have chosen to eat one of my meals compared to fast food or a worse option. And the reason for this is that when you’re eating these meals you don’t feel deprived. It’s that simple!

In the past, if I had started a meal plan or try to meal prep, I quickly lose interest because I feel like I am missing out on the “good” food. And not to mention, the repetitive healthy food options get really old, really quick. I can honestly say with options like crepes for breakfast, turkey sliders for lunch and oven fried chicken for dinner, I have zero cravings. Fresh ‘n Fit even offers healthy dessert options that are delicious if a craving does happen to come up. Let me go ahead and tell you… you won’t be disappointed!

The convenience factor with Fresh ‘n Fit is huge! Before, I would spend hours on Sunday going to the grocery store, cooking, prepping my food and putting each meal into containers. Now I literally drive by my pickup location on the way home and put my meals in the car. Then when I get home, I put them into the fridge. And my meal prep is done, which gives me more time to spend with my family or get things done around the house! In the mornings before work, I grab my breakfast and lunch containers, some water and head out the door. It’s so simple!

I have tried other meal prep services in the area and can honestly say, without a doubt, Fresh ‘n Fit has my heart… and taste buds! The meals are delicious and healthy, the pickup is beyond simple and the staff is wonderful to boot. I am so glad I have given it a shot. I couldn’t be happier with my decision!

About the author: Melissa is a devoted mother and self proclaimed coffee and home decor addict inspired by healthy eating and fitness.

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