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Moms, Take Care Of Yourself!

Moms have a lot on their plate with kid activities, home life, work and preparing meals just to name a few.  With all that moms have to do in a day it’s important to take care from the inside out.  Here are some healthy tips to help you keep up with life’s daily demands:

Is Good Fuel Going In?

Is your plate filled with lots of color coming from vegetables and fruits?  Aim for at least half your plate of veggies, a handful of lean protein and some fruit or other complex carbohydrates like a sweet potato, quinoa or brown rice.

Are You Sweating?

Getting daily exercise is just as important as eating healthy to keep your body a lean machine. Aim for at least 30 minutes of activity such as walking, running, biking, yoga, strength training or swimming.

Staying Hydrated?

Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water is crucial for digestion, skin and hair health, weight regulation and flushing out toxins among other things.

Getting Your Sleep?

As a mom, you may be the last to get your zzzz’s but it’s just as important for you to get at least 7 or more hours each and every night to feel your best and keep up with everything.

Taking “Me” Time?

Again, we tend to put ourselves last when it comes to taking time to do things we love.  Got a hobby you haven’t touched in a while? Need a spa day? Night away with friends?  Reading a book?  Don’t forget to put away some time each and every day to recharge and have a quiet moment.

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Keeping Corporate Wellness Simple

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By: Julia Lott, MS, RD, LD, Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine
Wellness is a process of growth and change.  It is a state of total well-being for your mental, physical and social health.  By definition, wellness is actively pursuing the goal of total well-being.  Therefore, corporate wellness can help employees improve their total well-being.  Improved well-being, promotes productivity, innovation, and job satisfaction.

Sounds pretty amazing right?  A corporate wellness program can be successful, when it provides employees with a simple approach.  People are very busy in their personal and professional lives.  However, as we all know health and well –being should be a top priority.  For that reason, having a corporate wellness program that is simple can help retain employee involvement as well as increase participation.

Here are some important factors to consider when trying to improve participation and maintain involvement in a wellness program:


Providing employees with simple ways to track improvement and learn about ways to improve health and well-being.   Additionally, it’s important to have access to break room areas and healthy food options.  Luckily, Fresh n’ Fit Cuisine can offer discounts to employees and onsite delivery options as well.


Employees should know who their point of contact is, if they have questions regarding the wellness program.  Additionally, it is important to communicate with employees on what incentives and special offers they may be able to take advantage of, by participating in the program.  Many times, employees will have more accountability, when they have created a relationship with their wellness coordinator/coach.

Health Assessments and Screenings

Periodic health assessment screenings allow employees to learn about their current health status.  Many times employees may not take the time to schedule yearly wellness appointments.  Therefore, participating in screenings can prevent employees from eventually paying high dollar amounts for medical care that could have been avoided; and lost productivity in the workplace.

Health and Nutrition Education 

Knowledge is power!  Arming your employees with dependable health and well-being information and making it easily accessible is irreplaceable.  Publishing weekly articles on health and wellness, providing lunch and learns, and promoting physical activity are all excellent channels on endorsing health and nutrition education.   Fresh n’ Fit Cuisine offers both lunch and learns and participation in health fairs to improve employee wellness participation.  By providing lunch and learns, employees can learn about trending health related topics.  Furthermore, offering health fairs is a great way to pass along program wellness program information.

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Finding Balance in The Workplace

Let Fresh 'N Fit's Nutrition Coaches Help You Find Balance In The Workplace
By: Natalie Logan, RD LD, Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine
Finding balance can be tough these days with so many demands from work, home, and family to name a few.  We’re not getting any younger and we all know that things definitely don’t get any easier!  Taking charge of your health is a big part of how you feel, perform, sleep and move whether you realize it or not.

Have you ever sat at your desk for hours on end and felt more tired when your work day was over even though you didn’t move that much?  Maybe you went out for lunch and had a burger with fries and a soda and so felt miserable afterwards that all you wanted to do is take a nap?

What you do consistently day in and out will add up to how you feel from the inside out.  Good news is that it’s never too late to take charge of your health and start to feel great immediately by moving a little more and making healthier food choices.

Here are some suggestions to help you move in the right direction to be a more productive person at work, home and in life!

  • Get moving! It’s easy to track your steps and challenge yourself with a Fitbit, Garmin watch, Apple watch, Apps on your phone.  Aim for 10,000 steps or more each day!  Make sure to get up every hour at the desk even if only to stretch your legs.
  • Portion Distortion! Did you know that most people consume 3 or 4 times bigger a portion than what they really need.  Just because it fits on your plate doesn’t mean you have to eat it all.  Time to do a hunger check– are you satiated after eating only half the plate?  Is your plate filled with half a plate of veggies, a palm or two of lean protein and some fruit?
  • What are you drinking? Ideally you want to shoot for ½ your body weight in ounces of water at a minimum to give your body what it needs.  Watch out for the sugary coffee drinks, sweet teas, juices and sodas as that can lead to unwanted weight gain and make you feel not your stellar self!
  • Make YOU a priority! Plan out your meals during the weekend for the week (go to grocery, prep meals, be ready!) When can you exercise?  Getting at least 7 or more hours of sleep each night?  Reducing your stress?

These are just a few things that will help to keep you on track to being the best you can be as a parent, spouse, friend, worker and so much more!

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Seriously?!? The madness has to stop.



I’m here to warn you about 5 fat loss myths that most people fall for. This might come across as a soapbox rant, and for that I apologize, but trust me when I say that this is a message that needs to be spread. Your fat loss depends on it.

Don’t waste your time on these:

This is a Myth: Diet pills will help you lose fat.

It’s so tempting! The commercials make compelling claims about the power of diet pills, but don’t fall for it. The ‘magic pill’ has yet to be discovered (it has been discovered – exercise. It’s just not in pill form…). Diet pills are more likely to damage your health and burn your pocketbook than to slim you down. Don’t pop a pill—instead burn calories with exercise.

This is a Myth: You should starve yourself to lose fat.

Attempting to lose weight by starving yourself is not only ineffective, it’s also dangerous. It may seem that severe calorie restriction would deliver the quickest weight loss, but your body is complex and by doing so you’ll disrupt your metabolism and slow your results. Don’t starve yourself—instead eat healthy small meals throughout the day.

This is a Myth: Lots of crunches will flatten your abs.

We all want our midsection to look toned as we stroll down the beach, but excessive crunches aren’t the answer for tight abs. In order to achieve a lean look you’ll have to focus on burning off the layer of fat that is covering up your abs. Don’t obsess about crunches—instead focus on fat burning.

This is a Myth: Eat packaged diet foods for speedy results.

It is amazing to see the kinds of foods that are packaged as ‘diet’ or ‘weight loss’ aids. More often than not these products are packed with refined sugar and other artificial ingredients that your body doesn’t need. Don’t eat packaged diet foods—instead stick with nutritious whole foods.

This is a Myth: You have to avoid carbs to lose fat.

Carbohydrates have been given a bad rap, which is unfortunate because you can (and should) eat carbs while losing weight. The key is to stick with whole grains, oatmeal and brown rice while avoiding processed and refined flours and sugars. Don’t swear off all carbohydrates—instead stick with wholesome carbs.

Now that you know what not to do in order to look great this summer, it’s time to go over your beach ready game plan.

DO THIS FIRST: Cut out the junk.

The best way to do this is to start by purging your kitchen. Get rid of sugary, processed and fat-filled foods. Once the junk has been cleared out don’t buy any more of it. Remember that your beach ready abs depend on what you eat – don’t eat junk!

DO THIS SECOND: Focus on whole foods.

Replace the junk food in your life with plenty of the following: cooked and raw vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, moderate amounts of seeds and nuts, lean meats and low fat dairy. Clean eating really is that simple.

Source: Rene Serrate, U First Fitness

Preparing clean and healthy meals is what our chefs love to do! Using locally sourced ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial sweeteners are just a few of the ways we ensure our macro-based meals are the best.

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It’s Time To Celebrate YOU!

Broccoli on burlap

By Natalie Logan, RD LD, Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine
In today’s world we are always going, going, going and still feel we can’t keep up.  Some days it’s challenging to keep up with kids, work, schedules, social activities– much less what we put in our bodies.  As we get older, you realize that this is life and it may never calm down.   This is why it is so important to slow down and take care of you as there is always going to be a to-do list waiting for you…

This month let’s focus on taking care of us as we all know when you are well rested, well fed and nourished from the inside out everyone around you is positively impacted and things seem to go a lot smoother.

In regards to nutrition, let’s focus on the foods that keep our bodies running strong and help protect us from cancer.  A lot of food, especially the overly processed food, can potentially contribute to cancer that can include foods with chemicals, pesticides, additives and preservatives.  These foods can include processed meats (think hot dogs, sausage, deli meats), fried and overly cooked foods and foods with added sugar and additives.  Not only can these processed foods contribute to inflammation in the body but can cause you to gain weight, have foods allergies and digestion issues.

Things you can do to help lower your risk of cancer and other conditions related to poor nutrition is to incorporate lots of leafy greens, cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage or Brussels sprouts), berries, probiotic foods (kefir, kombucha, probiotic yogurt, kimchi), nuts/seeds, unrefined oils (coconut, flax, cod liver, extra virgin olive oil), mushrooms, brightly colorful fruits/veggies, fresh herbs/spices and organic meats and wild caught fish.

A lot of these foods have antioxidants and other properties that are nutrition powerhouses to help ward off cancer and keep you healthy from the inside out.  Incorporating a wide variety of these foods in your diet will not only keep you on your A-game to keep up with daily to-do lists but your insides will be protected from some of the harmful  foods that could potentially cause cancer.  You have one body and one life, why not fuel it with good foods to keep you running efficiently!

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What It Means To Live A Heart Healthy Life

By Julia Lott, MS RD LD, Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.  Fortunately, many of the factors that contribute to heart disease can be controlled, such as nutrition and exercise.  Furthermore, stress in your life can increase risk tremendously.    The only causes of heart disease that can’t be controlled are age, gender, and family history.

So what does it mean to live a heart healthy life?  When it comes to nutrition, it means consuming low fat, low sodium, and low sugar foods.  A simple way to consume low fat foods is by having a diet that consists of lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and non-fat or lower fat dairy items.  Additionally, consuming healthy fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can contribute to improved heart health.  Foods that contain healthy fats are fish, avocados, and nuts.

One major cause of heart disease is consuming a high sodium diet.  According to the American Heart Association, approximately 77% of the sodium we consume is from packaged, prepared and restaurant foods.  One way to decrease sodium in your diet is by making most of your food at home.  Use as little salt as possible when cooking and preparing food, but do not have it on the table.  Or even better, season food with herbs, spices, onions, peppers, and garlic instead of salt.

There has been a lot of buzz around sugar and heart health.  According to a study by the Journal of the American Medicine Association Risk, death from heart disease is increased when consuming a sugar rich diet, regardless of age, BMI, sex, and physical activity level.  Participants who took in more than 25% of their calories from sugar were more than twice as likely to die from heart disease as those that include less than 10% added sugar in their diet.  Many sources of added sugar come from sodas, pastries, ready to eat cereals, and alcoholic beverages.  Opting for sugar free soda, soda water, and fruit and vegetables without added sugar will help to decrease sugar intake.

Another way to improve heart health is to increase consumption of fiber rich foods.   Fiber can help lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol levels, as well as may reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.  There are two types of fiber – soluble and insoluble.  Good sources of soluble fiber are beans, oats, peas, barley, fruits and avocados.   Insoluble fiber is found in whole grains, nuts, and fruit and vegetables.  It is the rough matter found in the foods and it is not broken down by water and absorbed into the bloodstream.  Instead it adds bulk to waste in the digestive system; which helps regularity and prevent constipation.   Furthermore, according to a research study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, consuming more dietary fiber over a 9 year period lowered the risk of death from any cause.  People who ate a fiber rich diet had a 50 % reduction in in risk of death from heart disease, infectious disease and respiratory disease.

So what does all this really mean to you?  Your health is in your hands!  All the contributing causes that lead to heart disease can be controlled by being mindful and knowledgeable about your food and lifestyle choices.  If you haven’t already, take charge of your heart’s health and make a change to live a long heart healthy life!

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How To Handle Food Cravings

What happens when your cravings become overwhelming and lead to overindulgence and feelings of guilt? When people follow restrictive diets or completely cut out groups of foods, cravings can become more intense and can lead to a vicious cycle of indulging, overeating and guilt. A balanced eating plan that allows foods you enjoy — even high-fat, high-calorie foods — will be easier to maintain since you aren’t eliminating those foods outright from your life.

If you sometimes crave chocolate, keep some dark chocolate on hand. Eat it mindfully, enjoy the experience and put it away when you’re satisfied. When you always have chocolate on hand, you’re less likely to overeat it.

Here are other tips for handling food cravings.

  • Schedule your snacks. Plan for nutritious snacks to keep your body biologically fed. Keep portable, nutrient-dense snacks in your desk, backpack or car.
  • Take a walk, work on a hobby or call a friend. When an intense craving hits, take a moment to consider what else you might be needing at that moment. Are you actually hungry or are you bored or lonely?
  • Keep a craving journal. Note the time of day your craving appeared, how long it lasted, the food you craved and how you handled the situation.

Source: Taylor Wolfram, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Keeping the right types of snacks on hand can be the difference between making it through the day without having to overeat or indulging with unhealthy food. At Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine, our Healthy Mix and Paleo Snack Packs are perfect to help tie you over to the next meal.

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