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Finding a Healthy Balance With Fresh ‘N Fit

By: Adam McCabe
I am halfway through the NPSL season with the Georgia Revolution and I could not be happier with how things are going. I am performing well and the team is right in the mix for making the playoffs this summer. Furthermore, I personally feel great and have really leaned out during the season.

With the season being a long 5 plus months long, and my schedule being pretty hectic with practices, matches, and community events, I really need a constant in my life when it comes to my food and diet.

Thankfully, I have Fresh ‘N Fit meals to provide me with that healthy balance throughout my life.

The toughest challenge I face while playing for the Georgia Revolution is the fact that three times a week I have to travel down to McDonough, Georgia for practice. While it is only a mere 40 minutes away (on a good day with little traffic), I still spend a  total of 4 hours on practice days committing to traveling to practice, practicing, and then traveling home. Practices begin at 7:30 and last till around 9 to 9:30. Then I have to make the 40 minute drive home.

The last thing I want to worry about or do after a long day and soccer practice is cooking a meal. By the time I get back into Atlanta, most restaurants or healthy eating establishments are closed.  However, with my paleo Fresh ‘N Fit meals, as soon as I return home I can pop one in the oven while I shower and within 20 minutes of getting home, I am eating a healthy meal.

For me, the most important asset of Fresh ‘N Fit meals is the ease of making the meals and how much time it saves me during my busy schedule.

I am not sure how I would be able to eat properly and with such ease without Fresh ‘N Fit. Thankfully these meals enable me to continue playing the game I love, while having a stress free life and helping me perform at an ultimate level.

In terms of performing consistently at a high level (within your sport), feeling active and healthy overall, or those who are looking to lose weight, the key is to have a consistent, healthy diet. As the saying goes, “it is 80% diet and 20% exercise.” Whatever your goal is,  Fresh ‘N Fit meals will provide the necessary platform to help you surpass and achieve these feats. I am able to perform on a consistently high basis while playing for the Georgia Revolution because I have a great foundation with my diet. My body and mind are in the correct space to perform, due to the healthy foods I eat and fuel my body with daily.

About the author: Adam McCabe currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and plays soccer for the Georgia Revolution. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

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To Snack Or Not To Snack…

By: Adam McCabe
The most exciting news I heard coming into the New Year from Fresh ‘N Fit was the introduction of their snack packs and dessert boxes.  I have tried many of different meal plans (thankfully finding and loving Fresh ‘N Fit), but never had I tried a snack pack or dessert box.

A major health and nutritional struggle of mine has always been snacking. In fact, this is one of the largest issues individuals have when attempting a new diet, trying to lose weight, or just trying to live a normal healthy life. With the access to so many (and unhealthy) snacks, snacking becomes a vehicle into bad nutritional decision-making. Whether this comes from choosing bad snacks, or choosing to over snack, snacking can de the downfall of an individuals diet. We must remember to constantly be making good choices of what, when, and how much we snack.

What I loved about my Fresh ‘N Fit snack packs was the variety and the portion sizes. Below is a list of the snack pack I received with my meals this Monday.

Snack Pack week of Sunday, March 26, 2017:

  • Coconut Chocolate Macaroons
  • Paleo Granola
  • Spiced Chia Roasted Nuts
  • Pizza Muffins
  • Chocolate Paleo Bar
  • Cranberry Date Paleo Bar
  • Chocolate Almond Banana Chip Mix
  • Almond Butter Apricot Bites
  • Olive Tapenade with Veggies
  • Pesto Chicken Salad

Each snack was served in its own container and was labeled accordingly. I chose the paleo snack pack option, as it fits in with my current diet regimen. Fresh ‘N Fit offers two types of snack packs, paleo and healthy mix. Why the snack pack work great for me, is that it controls my urge to over snack. I often make healthy snacking choices, yet I continue to snack due to boredom or to pass time. I do not allow myself the chance to fully digest before I am in the process of over snacking. With the Fresh ‘N Fit paleo snack pack, I have the ability to know that eating one full snack pack item should be sufficient as my one morning or afternoon snack. This has greatly helped my issues of over snacking in my diet. Furthermore, the paleo snack pack comes with such a wide variety of different options, I am never bored with the snacks I have at hand. I also always feel comfortable (and never guilty) about snacking, since the items I am choosing to snack on are consistent to my diet plan and portions.

Like the majority of individuals out there, I love to wind down a night with something sweet to help finish off my day. I definitely have a “sweet tooth” and have constantly struggled with finding a healthy option for dessert. I often find myself eating the most convenient dessert possible and sacrificing my diet for my sweet tooth. I was the most excited to hear Fresh N Fit was coming out with a dessert line, for the fact that I knew their dessert options would help curb my portion control issues and give me a healthy balanced choice of dessert options.

I cannot even begin to express how satisfied I have been with the taste, quality, freshness, and portion sizes of the dessert boxes. I do not think I will ever be able to cut a small dessert out of my diet, but Fresh ‘N Fit makes me feel much less guilty with their fantastic plates. Below is the list of the dessert box I received this week:

Dessert Box week of Sunday, March 26, 2017:

  • Peach Cobbler
  • Pumpkin Spice Cake
  • Apple Crusted Pie
  • Pecan Bar
  • Raisin White Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Whipped Chocolate Mousse with Fruit

I plan on making sure I have these two latest and greatest additions to Fresh N Fit in my weekly orders. Both the snack pack and dessert box provide healthy, portioned sized options for individuals who need help curbing the snacking or sweet tooth issues. The best part about both new features is how incredibly amazing they taste!

About the author: Adam McCabe currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and plays soccer for the Georgia Revolution. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

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Finding the Right Fit

20170211_213339I’ve lived in Atlanta for over 6 years and I’ve often found myself trying new meal plans. Finding the right fit has been a huge task. How do you find the time and energy to give yourself a much-needed TASTY healthy meal without breaking the bank? I thought that it was almost impossible. In the past, I conceded that at least one of the following meal constraints must be compromised:

  • Time
  • Freshness/Taste
  • Wholesome/Healthy
  • Value/Cost

This was just a conclusion that I’ve lived with for years.

I first tried the meal delivery services that ship all the pre-measured ingredients. These services are all very similar but I had to sacrifice TWO of my four meal constraints. These meals always took WAY too much time to prepare and a lot of the time the meals were very high in calories. I did enjoy these meals but it got to be very tiresome to come home from the gym and have a full hour of cooking waiting for you before I could have dinner.

20170204_192056I’ve also tried local Atlanta restaurants that offered an organic-at-home meal plan. I really enjoyed these at first but I ran into several problems as I tried to work this meal plan into my daily schedule.

  • Meals were never delivered to a convenient location for pickup. I would always have to drive to the restaurant to pick up my meals once a week. That doesn’t seem like a big ordeal, but the pickup was only allowed on Sundays and I often travel over the weekends which made it impossible to manage.
  • I found that the meals didn’t have much of a variance. I ate the same things over and over again and while they were very good meals, I was bored of the meal choices by month 2.

I’ve always had to make sacrifices when trying new meal plans until now. Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine offers EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

  1. Convenient pick up locations and ready to eat meals.
  2. Food is always fresh with the twice a week pickup times.
  3. Great tasting options that are changing all the time. No more stagnant menu options!
  4. Healthy options that fit into my diet restrictions.
  5. A price point that fits well within my budget.

These are just a few of the reasons that I have fallen in love with Fresh ‘n Fit as compared to the other options that I have tried. I’m excited to start my journey of health and wellness and Fresh ‘n Fit can provide me exactly what I need along the way.

By: Cole Robbins

At Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine, we try to offer 3 things: convenience, quality and variety. We offer over 115 pickup locations throughout Atlanta, as well as home/office delivery and FedEx overnight shipping. Our 5 chefs use fresh, locally sourced ingredients in all of our meals with no added sweeteners or preservatives. With over 300 meals spanning 5 menus, you will never get mealtime boredom again.

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A Fresh ‘N Fit Start to 2017


by: Adam McCabe
A few months into the New Year, and I am well into the change in my health and fitness journey. While I have always been active and made working out a priority, I lacked in the nutritional department in properly fueling my body. I have always tended to under eat, especially after a workout. Whether it is from laziness, lack of time, or my inability to cook, I needed a solution for my lack of healthy eating.

Fresh ‘N Fit’s dinner plan has been the perfect solution for me. Since I workout primarily in the evenings, the dinner plan is perfect for me to come home to after a long day. The “Beast” plan contains 600 calories of a balanced, healthy, fresh meal. Each Fresh ‘N Fit meal is freshly prepared by the outstanding culinary team at the headquarters in Cumming, Georgia. The diversity of meals keeps me interested and I love how fresh the meals taste.

Below is an overview of the 3 main reasons I have fallen in love with Fresh ‘N Fit. If you have any interest or desire in improving your health and fitness, or can relate to any of these points, then Fresh ‘N Fit is the solution for you.


1. Time Maintenance: Fresh ‘N Fit meals are easy to heat, whether it be in the microwave or oven. Rather than spending hours on preparing food, all I do is heat my meal in the oven for 15 minutes and I have a well prepared dinner. The last thing I want to do after a long day, working out, and dealing with the stresses of life, is to come home and cook. With Fresh N Fit’s dinner plan, I can access my healthy, freshly prepared meals instantly and have them ready to eat in no time. The Fresh ‘N Fit meal plans are perfect for people on the go and people who want to spend their time on other things instead of cooking and meal prep.

2. Nutritional Value and Diversity: Since I am not the best cook, I found myself making the same dinners night and night. I was bored with what I was making and I found that by having the same foods, I was not expanding my diet. This also led to me not obtaining all the daily vitamins and nutrients I needed to accomplish everyday tasks. With my work, training, and social schedule, I constantly felt drained and tired. Fresh ‘N Fit meal plans give you the options of several types of meal plans according to your diet. Because I like a variety of plans, I choose the Custom Mix, which enables me to choose from all available menus (Paleo, Low Carb, Vegetarian, Healthy Mix). Not only is there a variety of meal plans, but also the weekly meals are never the same, thus keeping me interested and excited about my meals each week. I also am able to consume a full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients that differ everyday, and help me love a healthier and more vibrant life.

3. The MEALS Are GOOD: Unlike other meal plans I have used, the Fresh ‘N Fit Meals are delicious. The company does a fantastic job of crafting these meals and having the correct balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. I love knowing that my meals are FRESH! Since the meals are fresh and never frozen, you really get to enjoy the culinary craftsmanship and fantastic taste of each meal. When I am done heating up my meals, the meats and fish remain moist, while the vegetables hot and crisp. I never have to modify or add on any condiments to enhance the taste of my meal. Fresh ‘N Fit does a fantastic job of preparing a ready to eat, health, and delicious meal every time.

I am so excited to see how my body changes in appearance and how it feels as I continue to implement this meal plan into my everyday life. Soon I will be starting my soccer season with the semi professional soccer team Georgia Revolution, so how and when I fuel my body will become even more critical. The NPSL season can be extremely draining and hard to manage with a full time job. However, I know that I will be able to last and perform at the highest levels, while being fueled by such great meals.

About the author: Adam McCabe currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and plays soccer for the Georgia Revolution. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

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