Eating Healthy And Staying Active… Virtually

Staying active and healthy during the pandemic probably ranks at the top of most everybody’s list of things that they’ve been struggling with for the past several months. And while many have adjusted to working remotely from home, finding that balance between work and exercise can be a challenge. Many gyms in Atlanta reopened their doors last month but recent surges in the number of COVID19 cases throughout the South has a lot of us rethinking how to stay fit.

We’ve updated the list of our partners in the fitness community to show what types of programs they offer to help you remain active and healthy.

• Burn Boot Camp offers weekly workouts via their Youtube page.

• Workout Anytime is providing daily at-home workouts that are both available on their individual and corporate Facebook pages for everyone through the Workout Anytime App for Android and iPhone as well. The class times vary, but are usually at around 10am or 1pm for those who would like to workout with an instructor while they’re live. For more information, call 678-205-2667.

• Burn Boot Camp is offering live workouts with our Certified Personal Trainers 7 times a day via Zoom for members. Not a member yet, no problem. Sign up for a free 14 day trial, to get started.

• CrossFit Atlanta is offering virtual group classes for both CrossFit and Launch beginner classes, remote personal 1-on-1 coaching and a Lockdown and Rise Up 45 day nutrition and self care challenge. Call or text 404-355-4500 for more information.

• Gravity Fitness posts a new workout daily via their Instagram page.

• JOYVIAL offers a 30 day series of short 1-2 minute videos on how to reduce stress & anxiety. Founder, Hanni Berger, writes on this topic in hope that people will apply these techniques and experience more calm, peace and joy in their life…even now in the midst of this challenging time. Videos are posted on JOYVIAL’s YouTube channel.

• Bach Fitness has launched a virtual training platform called Let’s Get Virtual. This program brings the gym to you. Bach Leaders will virtually guide you through 30- and 45-minute workouts that are designed to educate and motivate while strengthening both body and mind. Let’s Get Virtual is available live Monday through Sunday, but also offers the opportunity to save and view the workouts for a time that best fits your schedule. Operating through Zoom, you can connect with the Bach Community and receive motivation and encouragement as you sweat alongside our incredible support system. We know you’ll love Let’s Get Virtual, and right now Bach is offering the first class on the house. Get more details and register quickly and easily here. Contact Bach at 404-883-3905 for additional information.

• Iron Will Fitness Club is a family owned and operated boutique fitness coaching studio offering non-intimidating, full body functional fitness Group/Team Training, Small Group Personal Training, 1-on-1 Personal Training, along with virtual online training (they don’t just give you an online program to follow; they’re there to coach you every inch of the way via live Zoom sessions) for all ages and levels of fitness. Reach your goals in a fun, social environment. Iron Will has so much fun working out that some have nicknamed them “The Asylum”. Call 561-213-5045 for more information.

• The Fit Factory offers live inactive sessions regularly. Contact them at 770-285-6290.

• Alcovy Fitness + Wellness offers a variety of online classes. Contact for more information.

• Burn Boot Camp offers weekly workouts via their Youtube page.

• Cumming Strength & Fitness offers various types of online coaching. Whether you’re looking for a gym to call home or just a way to stay in shape, CS&F is passionate about helping you. Call 678-630-9134 for more information.

• VT Fitness offers online group training as well as 1-on-1 training. For more information, call 404-747-6020 or email

• Club Pilates offers virtual mat-based classes everyday. Schedules are posted daily on Instagram. Text 404-883-33978 or email if you’re interested in a virtual class package.

• Move Gym offers remote virtual training. Contact 404-371-1355 for more details.

• Pinnacle Fitness Center offers virtual high energy group classes 6 days a week, personal training and customized nutritional counseling all via Zoom. Call or text 770-367-2539 for more information.

Druid Hills
• Barre 3 offers a 15-Day At-Home Challenge. Visit their Instagram page daily for live conversations, guided exercises and performances from inspiring thought leaders.

• Fitness Together offers virtual training in the comfort of your own home. Their coaches are experts at adapting workouts based on the amount of equipment their clients have. For our clients who want to work out at least 3 times per week, FT will lend out studio equipment for the duration of the quarantine. Clients have 3 types of virtual training for their 8 week Stay Strong Fitness Program to choose from: One-on-one, semi private and small group training. Call 770-351-9111 or email for more details.

Inman Park
• X3 Sports offers live online classes every day at noon for members. Contact 678-903-0100 for more information.

• Midtown Trainers: We believe that virtual training remotely from your home and the trainer’s home is the safety zone. Space and apparatus may change but the intensity of the workout and the enthusiasm of the personal trainer is still the same. Midtown Trainers uses the equipment you have at home, or if you don’t have any, we can provide it and use your own body as a machine. CardioActive is our brand and it is a combination of cardio and strength training to get optimum results. MTT offers 1-on-1 personal training as well as group ENERGY classes. Personal training appointments are scheduled by downloading the Mindbody app. For more information, call 404-271-8558.

• Anytime Fitness offers virtual workouts every morning at 9:30am EST. These workouts are designed for the whole family to do in your own home. If you miss a workout, you can go back and watch it on Facebook. For additional information, contact 678-585-6609.

Sandy Springs
• Fitness Together offers virtual one-on-one personal training sessions that are by appointment on Mondays – Saturdays. Call 678-835-9747 or email for more details.

• Formwell Fitness Coaching has built a free, online 30 day program called A Freedom Through Fitness Movement. You’ll get to participate in the Quarantine 15 challenge where you will receive the following three things daily: a workout, a nutritional tip and an accountability tip. They’ll also be a bonus section with a daily devotional. The goal is to come out mentally, physically and spiritually stronger. Call 770-804-1898 for more information.

• CrossFit South Cobb is offering remote personal training for those interested in getting fit in the comfort of their own home. CFSC has Zoom interactive live options as well as programming options. Call 404-850-0199 for more details.

Sugar Hill
• Georgia Fitness encourages its members and the community at large to remain active by offering streamed workouts for their Les Mills classes 5 days a week. Call 678-765-8999 for more details.

• No Excuses CrossFit is offering online personal training classes. It doesn’t matter if you have a full gym at home or just a jump rope, we will provide you with fun, creative workouts to get you moving. For more information, call 770-783-0753 or email

A majority of Fresh ‘N Fit’s pick up locations are open for business again so it’s easy to order your meals and pick them up there but if there’s someone you know, like a friend, relative or elderly parent that would benefit from our service, please let them know that we can deliver healthy food right to their doorstep as well.

Of course, your safety is our number one concern so no interaction with our driver is needed. Use offer code JULY7BLOG at checkout to get 10% off your first order.

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