Our Favorites For February: SPARC Gym

Enjoy the latest installment of our ongoing series featuring some of our favorite fitness, nutrition and healthy spots around Atlanta. For February, we wanted to give one of our Athens’ neighbors a little shine . Located at 1765 Old West Broad Street, SPARC is more that just a gym. We recently talked with manager, Cody Reed, to find out more about what makes SPARC Gym so unique.

Can you give the readers a little history about SPARC?

Cody Reed: SPARC was designed in conjunction with the physicians at Athens Orthopedic Clinic. Our goal is to help people and athletes improve their quality of life, encourage others to unlock their potential, and take control of their health through physical activity. We address the whole health equation. Body composition, movement, strength, and cardiovascular.

How did you get involved with SPARC?

Cody Reed: I went to the University of Georgia and actually graduated with a degree in Mathematics Education. My last year was interesting as I second guessed my desire to work within the school system. With a love for strength and conditioning and deep desire to have a direct, meaningful impact on the lives of others, I decided to combine the two and pursued an internship at SPARC.

With 5+ years in training now, I have been astounded not just by the influence I am able to have on clients but the significant impact they have on me. Training and recovery is much more than the physical aspect. I get to work with people when they are celebrating huge successes in and outside the gym, but also support and encourage when their worlds seem to be falling in. I am incredibly thankful for each person I have the opportunity to work with, learn from, and have a part in improving their health and wellness.

What are some of the classes or types of services that SPARC provides to its clients?

Cody Reed: SPARC is a complete training facility, offering nearly every service in-house our clients may need. Our training is specialized in personal and group strength and conditioning for youth athletes, post-rehabilitation patients, and general population. We also include a number of recovery services, including: massage therapy, dry needling, gait analysis, and DEXA scans, to help optimize our client’s performance in and outside of SPARC.

You’ve been a pickup location for Fresh ‘N Fit for some time, can you provide any insight on the importance of nutrition or why you feel that SPARC and Fresh ‘N Fit are a good fit for each other.

Cody Reed: Nutrition and diet can be two of the most intimidating and misinterpreted words that seem more like a punishment than a benefit to our lives. Our partnership with Fresh ‘N Fit has provided a wonderful resource to our clients so they can enjoy food while working towards their goals. In our effort to help our clients take control of their health and wellness, Fresh ‘N Fit and our recent addition of a registered dietitian has been the perfect compliment to our clients training!

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Fitness and nutrition do go hand in hand so give one of Fresh ‘N Fit’s 7 healthy menus a try today and if you’re in the Athens area, make sure to select SPARC Gym as a pickup location (or find the one nearest you).

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