Our Favorites For November: Premiere Team Fitness

Enjoy the latest installment of our ongoing series featuring some of our favorite fitness, nutrition and healthy spots around Atlanta. For November, we shine the spotlight on one of our recently added pickup locations in the Dallas area: Premiere Team Fitness. We sat down with owner, Skyler Cashion, to find out more about what makes Premiere Team Fitness unique.

Tell us a little about how you got started and what inspired you to start Premiere Team Fitness?

Skyler: All my life, I’ve enjoyed sports and healthy living but for the past 15 years, I’ve been involved in Group Fit training, private one on one training, as well as attaining pro status as a competitor in Women’s Figure and Bikini competitions.

My passion has motivated me to create a safe, positive environment where others could be inspired to reach greater fitness through living a healthy lifestyle. When I discovered the Alloy Personal Training Systems, I thought it was the perfect program that takes the best of Group Exercise and Personal Training and combines that into a format that virtually guarantees results. I love being able to transform lives.

The vision I have is to create a positive change in my community, both health-wise and through the club’s generous give-back to the community programs. So far we’ve had a large number of successful clients in the Dallas and Acworth areas.

What are the type of classes or services that Premiere Team Fitness provides to its members?

Skyler: Premiere Team Fitness is a 4,000 square foot facility that specializes in large group personal training, semi-private training and private training.  We’re the only facility in the area that gives every member a custom program tailored exactly to what each client wants and needs to work on.

You became a pickup location for Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine earlier this year, so can you explain the importance of nutrition and additionally why you feel that Premiere and Fresh ‘N Fit are a good fit for each other.

Skyler: Physical fitness and good nutrition go hand in hand. We make nutritional recommendations that enable our customers to reach their goals. Proper nutrition is a key component to body fat loss and a healthy lifestyle. Many of our members struggle with nutrition because they don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals, and end up with non-optimum nutrition choices. Partnering with Fresh ‘N Fit fills this natural gap to supporting healthy nutrition to go along with our exercise programs.

As Skyler mentioned, fitness and nutrition do go hand in hand so give one of Fresh ‘N Fit’s 7 healthy menus a try today and if you’re in the Dallas area, make sure to select Premiere Team Fitness as a pickup location (or find the one nearest you).

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