Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine’s Featured Meals For The Week of November 19th

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Have you been craving some Thanksgiving dishes but can’t wait until next Thursday? Place your order before our 9am, Friday cutoff time and try our Oven Honey Roasted Turkey Breast + Cranberry Chutney + Pecan Cornbread Stuffing that’s part of our Healthy Mix menu.

If this is your first time trying Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine, use promo code TURKEYNOW20 at checkout and take $20 off your order.


  • Breakfast Burrito Made with Egg Whites, Cheddar Cheese, Black Beans and Chicken Sausage. Served with Seasoned Red Potatoes and Pico de Gallo.
    kcal: 382 |  P: 23g  | C: 57g  | F: 5g


  • Oven Honey Roasted Turkey Breast Topped with Cranberry Chutney Over Pecan Cornbread Stuffing. Served with a Green Bean and Wild Mushroom Bake Topped with Crispy Onions.
    kcal: 412 |  P: 26g  | C: 36g  | F: 20g


  • Pumpkin Cranberry and Walnut Muffin Served with Butter. Veggie Sausage Link and Low Fat Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt on the Side.
    kcal: 386|  P: 12g  | C: 46g  | F: 16g


  • Roasted Vegetable Mac-n-Cheese with Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms and Sun Dried Tomatoes. Served with Balsamic Green Beans and Blistered Cherry Tomatoes.
    kcal: 417 |  P: 26g  | C: 49g  | F: 13g


  • Cajun Corn & Black Bean Cake Made with Veggie Sausage Patties, Egg & Flour Served over Cheddar Cheese Grits and Topped with Country Creole Gravy Made with Cream and Garlic. Vegetable Medley on the Side.
    kcal: 423|  P: 27g  | C: 62g  | F: 8g


  • Ratatouille Eggs Made with Tomatoes, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Basil and Bell Peppers. Served with Pork Sausage and Fresh Fruit on the Side.
    kcal: 398 |  P: 37g  | C: 23g  | F: 20g
  • Mediterranean Chicken Thighs Topped with a Cucumber, Olive and Garlic Relish. Served with Roasted Vegetables and a Creamy Herb Vinaigrette Made with Coconut Milk on the Side.
    kcal: 396 |  P: 31g  | C: 12g  | F: 22g
  • Blackened Mahi Mahi Topped with a Creole Coconut Sauce Served with Mashed Carrots. Steamed Broccoli and Roasted Parsnips on the Side.
    kcal: 380 |  P: 44g  | C: 24g  | F: 11g


  • Tuscan Kale, Mushroom, and Roasted Red Pepper Frittata Served with Niman Ranch Bacon and Fresh Fruit.
    kcal: 450 |  P: 29g  | C: 31g  | F: 25g
  • Pecan Crusted Pork Medallion with Braised Kale and Diced Onions. Served with Butternut Squash Soup on the Side.
    kcal: 419 |  P: 41g  | C: 34g  | F: 16g
  • Bison Meat Loaf Made with Peppers and Onions Served with a Sage Infused Butternut Squash Mash. Fresh Herbed Gravy with Roasted Tomato & Green Beans on the Side.
    kcal: 408 |  P: 37g  | C: 28g  | F: 18g

If this is your first time trying Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine, use promo code TURKEYNOW20 at checkout and take $20 off your order.


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