Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine’s Weight Loss Journeys: Katie Allen

Fresh N Fit Cuisine's Weight Loss Journeys: Katie Allen

In the latest installment of Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine’s Weight Loss Journeys, we check back in with Katie Allen. After experiencing some up and downs with her fitness and nutrition regimen, she is back for the month of August with a more realistic approach and suggestions for others who may be undergoing the same problems.

Katie explains, “What I am coming to realize is that motivation and not being motivated is all part of the cycle. Yes it is okay to cheat on your diet, miss the gym and watch that movie instead of going for a run.”

The trick is keeping the low motivation times to a minimum. Keeping unhealthy habits to a once in a while occasion and not letting them turn into a habit. If you strive for perfection when it comes to your diet and exercise you will consistently come up short.

My focus for this month is not perfection but instead shifting my focus to shorter times of being unmotivated. In this I hope to accept that it is okay to not be perfect and a more healthy cycle.

Stay tuned for more installments of the Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine Weight Loss Journeys and if you’re inspired by Katie’s story, then try our meals today!

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