You Can Still Eat Clean With A Busy Schedule. Just Ask The Bert Show’s Cassie Young

Fresh_n_Fit_cy012218As an integral part of Q100’s The Bert Show, Cassie Young is always on the go. Her hectic schedule leaves her very little time to do many things…much less cook a healthy meal. That’s where Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine comes in. Reducing her temptation for ordering takeout to ZERO, our paleo menu is perfect for when she needs clean, chef prepared meals.

And if you’re thinking about doing a Whole30 challenge this month, it just got a lot easier now that 100% of our paleo meals are 30-Day cleanse approved.

Our Paleo Menu Includes Dozens of Mouth Watering Meals But Here’s a Small Sample Of What You’ll Find:
  • Sesame Crusted Swordfish with Snow Peas, Carrots, Onions and a Mushroom Dashi (Broth). Served with Fresh Steamed Broccoli on the Side.
    KCal:  415 | P: 43g | C: 27g | F: 16g
  • Lemon Basil Shrimp with a Spinach, Tomato, Sweet Potato & Mushroom Ragout Served with Asparagus on the Side.
    KCal:  371 | P: 50g | C: 30g | F: 7g
  • Carolina BBQ Pulled Turkey Breast with Apple Cider Vinegar Cole Slaw and a Baked Sweet Potato.
    KCal:  471 | P: 42g | C: 38g | F: 17g
  • Blackened Salmon Served Over Cajun Cauliflower Mash Made with Garlic. Ancho Sauteed Vegetable Blend on the Side.

    KCal: 380 | P: 44g | C: 28g | F:12g
  • Chicken Roulade Made with Olives, Peppers & Onions Baked with Marinara. Served with Stewed Spaghetti Squash & Broccoli.

    KCal:  361 | P: 41g | C: 33g | F: 8g

    Depending on your needs,  our plan are available in 3, 5 or 7 day plans or we offer single meals that are perfect to just grab and go. Give us a try and us promo code CASSIEBLOG20 and get $20 off your first order at checkout.


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