Take The Office Challenge 2018!

corporatechallenge2018_headerIt’s approaching that time of the year again…New Year’s resolutions. What a great opportunity to challenge your staff to a healthier 2018 and support them in achieving their goal of living a healthier lifestyle. As a component of Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine’s Corporate Wellness Program, we are offering the chance to create an exciting fitness challenge for your office or support an existing challenge that your team may already be working on.

Our office wellness challenge support program includes:

• Creation of a 2018 challenge for your company – customized and designed to motivate and create results.
• Free dietitian-led nutrition and lifestyle coaching for your employees
• Challenge kickoff – Our corporate wellness staff will work with your team to create an exciting launch event that
    includes: Body Composition Testing (weight, BMI, bone density, muscle mass, metabolic rate), Goal Setting, Samples and more.
• Weekly nutrition and fitness tips to keep your employees on track
• Get your team set up for success with affordable healthy meals, snacks and protein bars. We offer a 20% discount on every order with free delivery to your office (groups of 5 or more).
• Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine has a certified personal trainer on staff who can create interesting on-site activities designed to encourage getting your staff engaged in physical activity throughout the day.
• End of challenge event coordination: Final measurements and testing, tips for continued success as well as recognition of the winners.
• Fresh ’N Fit Cuisine will contribute prizes and incentives to help drive the success of your company’s challenge.


For more information or to enroll your company in the 2018 Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine Office Challenge, please email our Director of Corporate Wellness, David Rogers at david@freshnfitcuisine.com or call our Customer Success Team at 678-208-0341.

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