Hectic Schedule? Fresh ‘N Fit Can Help

Untitled-3By: Shantea Johnson

I am always on the go with very little time left for myself. My daily schedule is always pretty hectic with working a full time job, family, after-school activities for the kids, fitting in time to going to the gym and running my wellness business. Prepping my meals was always the very last thing on my to-do list, which means by the time I was done with my other tasks, I was exhausted!

I had originally chose Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine for the clients that I train to assist them with meeting their health and wellness goals and to help make meal prepping easier for them. One of the biggest client complaints I would always here was:  Not having the time to prep for themselves and turning to unhealthy food choices as a result. I knew Fresh ‘N Fit had a great reputation and I had tried FNF meals before so and I knew the food was excellent. Ironically, I never thought about choosing them to prep my own meals.

I finally made the decision to add Fresh ‘N Fit to my own regimen to save me some time. Making the decision to use Fresh ‘N Fit  for “my” meal prep company was the best decision ever and has been great time saver for me!  I don’t know what took me so long to get on board. By ordering my meals and snack packs every week, it has freed up so much extra time in my schedule. I eagerly look forward to my daily Fresh ‘N Fit meals and even my kids love taking the Snack Packs to school.

Here are a few of the extra bonuses I’ve gotten from adding FNF meals into my daily life:

  • No more having to pre-plan or shop my meals
  • No prepping or cooking
  • It allows me to know my exact macro consumption for each meal
  • Easy pick up at locations that are close to my home
  • Has freed up more time for me overall and this is huge for me

I honestly don’t know how I survived without Fresh ‘N Fit! Fresh ‘N Fit is such a amazing company with some of the best food and customer service I’ve experienced in a really long time. They always make you feel important as a customer! Not only has Fresh ‘N Fit been a great solution for my clients but they are now an amazing and convenient solution that has helped me better manage my hectic schedule.

About the author: Shantea Johnson began her fitness journey in late 2012. In addition to being a competitive athlete and trainer, she is also a fitness model and holds Masters Degrees in both Public Health and Nutrition. Follow her on Instagram at DHW Fitness.

Try Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine today and allow our 5 chef prepared menus to save you time and money when you use promo code APRBLOG20 to get $20 off your first order of $50 or more.


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