Finding the Right Fit

20170211_213339I’ve lived in Atlanta for over 6 years and I’ve often found myself trying new meal plans. Finding the right fit has been a huge task. How do you find the time and energy to give yourself a much-needed TASTY healthy meal without breaking the bank? I thought that it was almost impossible. In the past, I conceded that at least one of the following meal constraints must be compromised:

  • Time
  • Freshness/Taste
  • Wholesome/Healthy
  • Value/Cost

This was just a conclusion that I’ve lived with for years.

I first tried the meal delivery services that ship all the pre-measured ingredients. These services are all very similar but I had to sacrifice TWO of my four meal constraints. These meals always took WAY too much time to prepare and a lot of the time the meals were very high in calories. I did enjoy these meals but it got to be very tiresome to come home from the gym and have a full hour of cooking waiting for you before I could have dinner.

20170204_192056I’ve also tried local Atlanta restaurants that offered an organic-at-home meal plan. I really enjoyed these at first but I ran into several problems as I tried to work this meal plan into my daily schedule.

  • Meals were never delivered to a convenient location for pickup. I would always have to drive to the restaurant to pick up my meals once a week. That doesn’t seem like a big ordeal, but the pickup was only allowed on Sundays and I often travel over the weekends which made it impossible to manage.
  • I found that the meals didn’t have much of a variance. I ate the same things over and over again and while they were very good meals, I was bored of the meal choices by month 2.

I’ve always had to make sacrifices when trying new meal plans until now. Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine offers EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

  1. Convenient pick up locations and ready to eat meals.
  2. Food is always fresh with the twice a week pickup times.
  3. Great tasting options that are changing all the time. No more stagnant menu options!
  4. Healthy options that fit into my diet restrictions.
  5. A price point that fits well within my budget.

These are just a few of the reasons that I have fallen in love with Fresh ‘n Fit as compared to the other options that I have tried. I’m excited to start my journey of health and wellness and Fresh ‘n Fit can provide me exactly what I need along the way.

By: Cole Robbins

At Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine, we try to offer 3 things: convenience, quality and variety. We offer over 115 pickup locations throughout Atlanta, as well as home/office delivery and FedEx overnight shipping. Our 5 chefs use fresh, locally sourced ingredients in all of our meals with no added sweeteners or preservatives. With over 300 meals spanning 5 menus, you will never get mealtime boredom again.

Give us a try today and get 10% off your first order with promo code MARBLOG10 at checkout.


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