Enjoy Something Sweet For Valentine’s Day For Free

For the first time ever in my life…I get to enjoy sweets on Valentine’s Day – without the guilt! My heart goes to the Pastry Chef Rachel at Fresh ‘n Fit!  Fresh ‘n Fit offers a unique line of low calorie desserts that may be lacking in fat and calories, but definitely not in taste!
And if you’re looking for variety, you can’t go wrong with a Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine Dessert Box!  It contains five different yummy desserts that range from 100 – 150 calories!  My favorites are the brownies.  How can you not love chocolate and nuts?!?!?!
Speaking of chocolate…Fresh ‘n Fit’s Chocolate Mousse is the best I’ve ever had.  The Banana pudding is another one that I love to enjoy.   Getting to eat sweets made with fresh ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives is the best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve gotten in a long,  long time!
~ Kristen Gates (pictured with Chef Rachel)
Morning Show Host at 94.9 The Bull

End every meal on a sweet note…guilt free! Get one of our Low calorie dessert boxes for free on your first order of $50 or more! Use promo code VALENTINE at checkout.


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