Ride Like A Star

Star Reid

At Fresh ‘N Fit, nothing makes us happier than hearing your success stories. When our calorie and portion controlled meals are incorporated into your health and fitness goals, the results can be amazing! Just ask Patrick or Connie. We’d like to introduce you to Star, a total boss, who happens to race motorcycles for a living.

“There comes a time in your life when you are at your lowest. For me, it was trying to get back to being human after my motorcycle accidents. I remember the day I stood on the scale and saw my weight at 264 in Oct of 2015. That was the day that I decided I was going to change and became a healthier me.  I got a gym membership and started going to the gym after work everyday. I started doing 30 minutes of cardio until I built myself up to 2 hours of cardio. I cut back on drinking soda, limiting myself to one a week, if that. I tried to eat as healthy as I could. Some weeks I did fine, other weeks not so much and my choices would end up canceling out what I had done the week before. Even with the struggle of my diet, I went from 264 to 221 in a matter of 4 months. For the next three months, I was at a standstill and had plateau’d out. I would lose a little weight but end up gaining it right back. I knew my diet was the thing that was holding me back.”

“I had a friend from California tell me about a meal prepping company that she was using. My next thought was to go online and find one in Atlanta. After checking out a couple of different sites, and making a couple of phone calls, Fresh ‘N Fit is the company I went with. I didn’t want to cheat at all so for the first two weeks of August, I did the 7 day plan, 1,200 calories/day Healthy Mix menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I started at 215.3 lbs at the beginning of August. After just 2 weeks on the plan, I was already down to 205.2 lbs. Unfortunately during my third week, I missed ordering my meals, and received a smaller cancelled meal plan that was part of the paleo menu. I knew I had to stay on track by not eating bad for the majority of the week. I did well but not as well as I hoped I would. Today, I am still 205.8. The good thing is that I haven’t gained any. I am ready to get back on track and see how much I can lose.”

Follow our blog each week to follow Star on her journey. For more inspiration and photos of her amazing motorcycle, make sure you visit Star’s Instagram page.

Not sure which one of our meal plans are right for you? Then try our Healthy Mix. Our traditional menu is actually one of the most nutritionally balanced menus that we offer so it’s the perfect starting point.

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