#PJDropping100: It’s Not Just Me, Day 129

It’s not just me having success getting fit with Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine.  Several people at my CrossFit Fayette, the box where I work out, friends, neighbors, everyone wants to know what I’m doing.

OliviaI’ve been eating Fresh N Fit Cuisine meals since March 7, 2016 as the Nutrition component of my weight loss plan of Nutrition, Exercise, and Life Style changes.  Everyone’s body is different, and I’ve been experimenting with the different meal plans on my journey to see how my body responds.  I started with the Healthy Mix plan and lost 40 lbs in 30 days. I switched to the Low Carb plan for the next, almost 60 days where I lost another 37 lbs. I changed again, this time to the Paleo plan, but only lost 9 lbs in the next 30 days.

All the meal plans taste great, but I hit a plateau regarding the weight loss, so I’m back on the Healthy Mix plan and proud to report, just half way through July, I’m down another 4 lbs for a grand total of 90 lbs lost in just over four months (377.8 to 287).

I’m just 10 pounds away from my first goal – losing 100. Yes, the weight is harder to lose, but its still coming off.  I plan to lose 10 pounds each month for the rest of the year, in lieu of the frantic 20 lbs per month pace I’ve been on.  My end goal weight is 227.8 lbs. and by losing about 10 lbs per month until the end of 2016, I’ll hit my end goal weight, dropping 150 lbs in the process in just under ten months!

Now, let me update you on a few participants in the CrossFit Fayette Weight Loss Challenge. Nick, Sherry, Stefanie, and Steve (L to R) are all doing great with Fresh ‘N Fit as their Nutrition component of the weight loss plan.

If you’ve taken the summer off from our meals, then now is the perfect time to restart your plan. You’ve already gone on your vacation, the summer camps are winding down and for many of us with kids, school starts in a few short weeks. When it’s back to a busy schedule, you can’t forget to take care of YOU.

Let our calorie and portion controlled meals help you get back on track. So pick your start date and use promo code BLOGJUL10 at checkout to get 10% off your entire order!




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