#PJDropping100: Be Better Today

If you were like most people, you probably made a few resolutions about how you wanted 2016 to be different than previous years. Whether it was by spending more time outdoors, being more patient, or hitting the gym 3X a week, somehow this year was not going to be like all of the rest. Losing weight (and keeping it off) is usually in everyone’s top 5 resolutions. But how exactly do you go about achieving that?
Patrick James, a Level 1 certified coach at CrossFit Fayette, had the same question. Together with Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine, he came up with an answer. He would establish his goal of losing 100 lbs. by combining both our 1,800 calories per day Healthy Mix & Low Carb menus with several WODs each week. Add in a few lifestyle changes like drinking more water and trying to get in a certain amount of steps each day and Patrick has been able to lose almost 90 lbs. in under 4 months! Starting at 377 lbs. and currently at 291 means that he is only 16 lbs. away from smashing his #PJDropping100 goal!

One of his mantras is to “Be better today than you were yesterday.” Every day IS a new chance to make that change. So no big deal if you haven’t been as diligent as you planned to be back in January. Tomorrow is a new day and we’re here to help you reach your goals.

Don’t let this be a “lazy” summer! It’s time to get out there by being active and eating right! We offer 5 chef prepared menus that are nutritionally balanced by our in-house dietitian. Our meals are calorie and portioned controlled and come in 2 sizes: 1,200 or 1,800 calories/day (Standard or Beast in our Paleo menu).

Try us today and take an extra $20 off your first order by using promo code BLOGJUL20 at checkout!

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