Healthy Mix & H.I.I.T. Classes (or How To Lose 20 lbs in 45 days?)

foodsnapshot_connieEven though we all love to relax in the summertime, the reality is that most of us have a lot going on. With planning family trips, to picking up the kids from camp, to even just lounging at the pool, there is always something that needs to get done. Unfortunately, your health and fitness goals usually end up taking a backseat.

At Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine, we don’t want that to be the case, so we offer you 5 chef prepared menus! How do you know which one is right for you? That’s where our traditional Healthy Mix menu comes in. In addition to being our most nutritionally balanced, it’s the perfect place to start your journey towards a happier and healthier you.

It’s also the menu that Connie Harwood started off with. As a member of U First Fitness in Johns Creek, her goal is to lose a total of 60 lbs. After being on our 1,200 calorie Healthy Mix plan for a month and a half, and working out 4 days a week at U First, she is already down 20 lbs! Our 4 chefs will help you watch your portion size, count your calories, and most importantly, do all of the cooking for you!


Eating right is the first step towards living a healthier life so try one of our 5 menus that include Paleo, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Healthy Mix. We even offer a custom option that allows you to create your own like a 30 day cleanse approved menu. Use promo code BLOGJUN20 today and get $20 off your first order!


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