#PJDropping100: Weigh In Wednesday, Day 23

No Speak-See-Hear No Evil

Be like these guys: Don’t put anything in your mouth that’s not Fresh ‘N Fit. Don’t even look at other food, and don’t listen to people tempting you to cheat.

Okay, today was the third weigh in for #PJDropping100 and today’s result was .8 of a pound loss! I know it’s not much, but coming off Easter weekend and a busy work week so far, I actually thought I would gain weight this week. Especially because I didn’t get my walk in last night due to working late.

The good news is just under a pound loss keeps the streak of consecutive weight loss going, which is encouraging. My total weight loss is 35.2 pounds in 23 days.

I forgot to give a shout out to the great chef’s at Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine last week, so I’ll do it now. The shrimp and grits last Thursday for dinner was so good. Thank you for being awesome. Doesn’t this look yummy? Well, it was!


Shrimp & GritsSince I’ve been fueling my success with Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine, I’m noticing a similarity to CrossFit. No, really, CrossFit is constantly varied high intensity movements, which is one of the core essential elements that make it great. CrossFit keeps mixing it up with great WOD’s day after day. We’ll The last 23 days of getting my Fresh N Fit on, has been the same awesome experience. They mix up the menu so you never really eat the same thing. It’s great, I can wait to see what my next meal is. I remember the days where I ate the same thing every day for breakfast, and every other day for lunch…boring! Do you know anyone like that? I say, mix it up, and get your Healthy Mix on. You’ll be glad you did.

Stay focused NUTRITION-EXERCISE-LIFE STYLE CHANGES.  As we say in yellow jacket county #WeCanDoThat #IAmDoingThat. Remember to be #betterthanyesterday.

At Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine, we’re proud to be a part of Patrick’s mission to lose weight. All 5 of our chef prepared, gourmet menus are nutritionally balanced and approved by our in-house Registered Dietitian. Try one today and save 10% off your first order with promo code BLOG10!


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