#PJDropping100: Technique Tuesday, Day 9

A FreshNFit start to the week at the 5:30 am class at CrossFitFayette.com.  I’m adding 3 CrossFit classes this week to my Exercise Plan of #PJDropping100.  This doesn’t mean I’m not still focused on a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, the CrossFit is extra, you might say, I’m stepping it up!

Working on my SNATCH technique.  How does it look?

Just completed the WOD (Workout Of the Day) in 8:25, not bad for a big guy.

The WOD was:

  • 21 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 95 lbs
  • 15 Snatches @ 95 lbs
  • 9   Bar Facing Burpees
  • 15 Thrusters @ 95 lbs
  • 21 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 95 lbs

Then, not for time, I did 50 Toes 2 Pole and 50 Sit-ups. Look at Coach Bryan photo bombing me with his guns!

Weigh-in tomorrow morning and I can’t wait.  Have a great day, and remember be #betterthanyesterday.

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