CrossFit: Should You Give It A Try?

CrossfitYou’ve no doubt heard of CrossFit. Making its presence known on television shows, commercials, magazines, online, or at one of its 4,500 gyms, CrossFit is taking the country and many parts of the world by storm. Based on a training philosophy that encourages people of all fitness levels to get in shape, CrossFit is a program that aims to build strength, endurance, flexibility, power, stamina, speed, agility, coordination, and balance.

You should know upfront the workouts aren’t easy. You will be challenged and pushed to your physical limits, but you’ll also be surrounded by others in the same boat who encourage you along the way.

If you’re considering signing up, here’s what you can expect.

Works Best For…

CrossFit workouts can be a great fit for people new to weight training. You may have been too intimidated to venture toward the weight room in the past, but with CrossFit you’ll learn proper form and effective exercises all in a supportive environment.

zanshin_nRunning alone on the treadmill every workout can be lonely. Many people are drawn to CrossFit because of the community and team spirit feel they get at the gym, or “box” as they’re called. You’re never alone. There’s a coach always nearby guiding you and encouraging you in your workout.

Hardcore fitness enthusiasts will feel at home doing CrossFit because it’s challenging, not boring, as well as being competitive, structured, and even addicting. You’ll get an intense workout that burns calories, increases strength, and improves your health in a short amount of time.

The Basics of CrossFit

You’ll likely start out with a free introductory class that provides an overview of the program and a sample workout. Then, before attending the regular classes you’ll take an On-Ramp/Elements course that teaches proper form for the nine foundational movements that make up CrossFit. After the class, you’re set to begin the regular classes that last from 45 minutes to an hour. Each class includes a warm-up of dynamic movements and stretches, strength building exercises, the WOD (workout of the day), a cool-down, and stretches. Most coaches recommend a rotation of three workout days and one day of rest.

A Prescribed Workout

Tire FlipsA 70-year-old who hasn’t exercised in years and a trained athlete in the prime of life will both be doing the same workout routine. What’s different is the intensity and weight load. Each day you come to a CrossFit gym, you’ll be given the day’s prescribed workout (the WOD) that focuses on a particular aspect of strength training and conditioning. There are no weight machines, treadmills, or group aerobics classes, but a series of exercises to work through at your skill level.

Examples of exercises include squats, lunges, dead lifts, clean and jerks, box jumps, pull-ups, and handstand pushups.

Risks Involved

Like any intense workout, CrossFit can lead to injury if not done the right way. Because you’re encouraged to do as many strength-training repetitions or exercises as you can in a given amount of time, it’s easy to focus on speed rather than on proper form. People with a competitive nature or who like to push themselves to their limits are at risk for injury.

It’s vitally important to only take a CrossFit class from a certified and accredited professional trainer who runs a legitimate gym. Without proper supervision and guidance by a qualified coach, you’re setting yourself up for injury.

Source: U First Fitness


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