How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

During the holidays, eating healthy can be difficult! thumb_1133_gallery_mainNo one wants to miss out on all the delicious treats of the season, so that’s why every week we’ll be posting tips on how your diet and fitness goals can survive the holiday season!

Begin With Breakfast

Starting your day with a satisfying morning meal — especially one that includes protein — can help prevent overeating at holiday gatherings and parties later in the day. In a hurry? Grab a nonfat yogurt and a piece of fruit. If you’ve got extra time, whip up an omelet with one whole egg plus two to three egg whites stuffed with lots of chopped veggies and some reduced-fat cheese.

Don’t Arrive Famished

Have a light snack (under 200 calories) about an hour before you make your entrance at a party or other holiday event. This will help take the edge off so you don’t dive into the first edible item you lay eyes on (helloooo, chocolate-fondue fountain!). Smart snacks include apple slices with one level tablespoon peanut butter, two rice cakes topped with sliced turkey, and a stick of string cheese with a banana or orange.

Party With a Plan

Wear something fitted and fabulous to an event: When you’re feeling great about how you look (and conscious of how snug your clothes are fitting), you’ll be less apt to eat. Once you’re there, hang out with a group of talkers, not the people gathered around the buffet table. You’ll be less tempted if you keep your distance from the chowing-down crowd.

Watch the Alcohol

Alcohol is a double whammy: It’s loaded with calories and it lowers your inhibitions, which means you’ll probably end up eating more than you planned. Avoid seasonal drinks like spiked eggnog, buttered rum, and peppermint (schnapps) hot chocolate, which are laden with calories, sugar, and fat. Instead, stick with wine or champagne (one medium goblet), wine spritzers (one or two glasses), or light beer (two cans or bottles, max).

Nix Noshing

Nibbling and grazing between meals is a problem year-round for many people, but it hits an all-time high during the month of December, when cookie platters, appetizer trays, boxes of chocolates, and seasonal baked goods begin to pop up everywhere. All those extra bites and sips can add up to hundreds or thousands of calories per week if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s especially important to maintain a structured eating schedule throughout the holidays and be super-mindful of the extracurricular munching.

Shape Up While You Shop

Turn your countless mall excursions into mini-workouts. Park in one of the farthest lots, take the stairs instead of the escalator, walk from store to store at a brisk pace, and carry your own bags (don’t palm them off on your husband or kids). If you have the time, take an extra lap around the whole mall and do some window shopping — who knows, you might even spot that one gift you’ve been struggling to find in a store you don’t normally frequent.

Originally published: Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine blog


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