Chloe Clark, food photographer

Chloe Clark

Everyone who has tasted our meals knows that our chefs work tirelessly to come up with dishes that are not only healthy but also taste great. That’s only part of the process though. Enter Chloe Clark, food photographer.

Once all of the meals are prepared, it’s her job to photograph them. By working closely with our chefs, she is able to style the meal in the way that they see it on the customer’s plate. She recently finished shooting some of our new fall menu items and is the main reason we can say our food “tastes as good as it looks.

How did you go from an aspiring photographer to doing it fulltime?

I started taking some beginner photography classes at The Showcase School. Once I realized that I enjoyed photography, I started applying for photography internships. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a publishing company, various studios, and culinary schools. I got the courage to contact local restaurants, culinary schools and chefs to offer photographer services. It took me eleven months to get my first paying client.

Why did you choose food photography?

I started out with the plan to photograph residential homes for the agents in my office. After photographing a few properties, I realized this wasn’t for me. I met an agent name Sheri Geyer who introduced me to a friend who owned a pizzeria in Alpharetta and needed photos of the new menu items. I fell in love instantly!  I started researching food photography and studying food styling.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I have a Nikon DSLR, but occasionally I shoot with a Canon DSLR. With food photography, it really depends on the look you are going for. Some shoots are just natural light with bounce cards while on other photo shoots I may use flash guns, softboxes and reflectors. I mostly shoot on-location so I like to travel light.

Who/what are you influences and/or inspiration?

I’m a huge fan of Burkle Hagen Photography, Don Matter Photography, and Helene Dujardin. I hope to attend one of Helene’s food photography and food styling classes in the near future. I’m always reading cookbooks and food magazines for inspiration. I even read really old cookbooks from the 70’s. Photography and food styling was so different back then. My office is full of Publix’s The Grape, and Family Style magazines. I love their editorial style food photography. They do an amazing job with creating a mood in their images.

How has it been working with a company like Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine?

I love the Fresh ‘N Fit crew. I’m always excited to work with them. It’s never a dull moment around there, The chefs do a great job with preparing and plating the dishes.

Have you used social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, which lend themselves toward photos, to help market yourself?

I am of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Instagram is my favorite form of social media. I post like crazy on my Instagram page.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a photographer?

Don’t listen to negative comments from people. I received a lot of discouraging words from friends, co-workers, and family. Even from strangers that were bitter about their lack of success as a photographer. Use your own faith and go  ahead. Things don’t always work out as planned, but that is what makes life interesting. I pray every morning and asked that my hands be blessed and my mind renewed. It’s the only way to move throughout this crazy world.

See what else Chloe is up to by visiting her website, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.
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