Tailgating Time

Tailgating Time!Football season is officially here, which means it’s time for tailgating. That also means you will be surrounded by chips, dips, burgers, and hot dogs. Many of these foods can be very high in calories, fat and sodium. So how are you going to get through tailgating season without gaining a few pounds? Here are a few strategies to keep in mind when attending your next tailgating event.

First of all, take a healthy dish. Offer to bring a vegetable platter, hummus dip, or mixed nuts to the gathering. You know you will be able to eat at least one dish and there may be other people that are looking for healthy options as well. Secondly, watch your alcohol intake. Liquid calories still count as calories. One beer has approximately 100 to 150 calories depending on the kind of beer. A glass of wine has about 120 calories. Third, get up and move around. Be active while socializing, by tossing around a football, playing corn hole or throwing the Frisbee.

If you plan on hosting a party, there are a few ways for you to provide healthier drinks and snacks for your guests. For example, one way to have healthier chicken wings is to bake them instead of fry them, making it 50 less calories. Additionally, instead of cooking bratwurst you could make turkey sliders, which are 100 calories less. Choose to make a seasonal chili using pumpkin instead of beef cutting down on 160 calories. When deciding on drinks, choose low calorie options such as water, diet soda, and mixers such as club soda or diet tonic.  

Finally, I’ll close with a few fitness facts on how hard you’ll have to work to burn off the extra calories you may have consumed during your tailgating. If you walk for an hour, you’ll burn 240 calories or the equivalent of two beers. A half hour jog burns 350 calories or equivalent to about four chicken wings. A soft pretzel has about 480 calories; you would need to ride a bike for an hour and a half to burn those calories. Wishing you happy tailgating from Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine.

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If you have any healthy tailgating suggestions, share them in our comments section.


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