Meet Our Staff: Chef Brady Benson

Introduce yourself and explain what a sous chef does?

My name is Brady Benson and I’m the sous chef at Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine. The sous chef is the second in command of the kitchen. If the executive chef is out or has the day off, the sous chef takes charge and runs the day-to-day operations of the kitchen.

What are some of your favorite meals that you have prepared or cooked?

Some of the favorite things that I’ve cooked are probably the shrimp and grits, our gumbo. I have an affinity for Southern food. I’m a southern transplant so I really enjoy cooking anything that is TRULY southern.

How did you get involved in the culinary arts?

I got started as a dishwasher about 10 years ago and I’ve just worked my way up ever since. I went to culinary school in New York. That was a big decision right after high school so I went to New York.

Do you have anything that you would consider a specialty?

My specialty would be Italian food. I’ve worked in several Italian restaurants and I studied under Italian chefs so I have a very good grasp of Italian food. I love their regional cuisine and how their flavors coincide with each other.

Have you gotten the chance to prepare a lot of Italian food at Fresh ‘N Fit?

We have prepared a lot of Italian cuisine at Fresh ‘N Fit. We also try to diversify with other cuisines as well but we play off of Italian food because it is VERY versatile.

Who or where do you find inspiration from when you’re cooking?

My inspiration would be my family. My mother, my grandmothers, were all good cooks. I’ve fallen in love with cooking ever since I was a little kid.

 What do you think sets Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine apart from everyone else?

What makes us different is that we’re using great products. We’re making everything from scratch and it’s fresh and never frozen ingredients. We try to use the best quality ingredients that we can and I think that gives us a leg up on the competition.

Head over to our YouTube page to see additional videos.

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