Eating Local

Southeast Family Farms' Stuffed Pork Loin

Southeast Family Farms’ Stuffed Pork Loin

Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of eating food that was produced closer to where you live. Maybe you’ve seen signs in your grocery store showing the name of the farm and the vegetables they produced. Or maybe you’ve even taken the Eat Local Challenge.

Eating local means the food will be fresher, healthier and taste better because of the shorter amount of time it spends in transit. That means it loses fewer of its nutrients and, as a result, there is a lot less spoilage. Studies have shown that food travels, on average, 1300 – 2000 miles to get to your neighborhood supermarket. Eating local also means eating what’s in season. At Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine, we change our menus four times a year to coincide with each season. That allows us to incorporate new and different flavors into each meal to truly reflect what is being grown.

We try to support local and regional farms whenever it’s possible. Last fall, we began using Springer Mountain Farms chicken in our meals. Located in the small town of Mt. Airy, Springer Mountain Farms, is less than 90 miles away from Atlanta. The grass-fed beef that is included in our Paleo menu comes from Joyce Farms, which is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. One of our customer’s favorite entrées is the pork loin stuffed with swiss chard, nitrate-free bacon, figs and walnuts with a butternut squash puree. That pork is raised regionally in Alabama and Tennessee through Atlanta’s own, Southeast Family Farms.

Our chef-prepared, gourmet meals bring the farmers’ market to you! Taste the difference local ingredients make by trying one of our healthy meal plans and save 10% on your first order with promo code BLOG10.


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