Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine: The Diabetic’s Friend

Diabetes Type 2 accounts for up to 95% of all diabetes cases and can be controlled with daily exercise, a healthy diet and weight loss. Keeping blood sugar and diabetes controlled depends heavily on the right diet. The Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine meal plan gives you an easy way to be sure you’re receiving nutritionally-balanced, calorie-controlled meals. We encourage you to ask your physician about which calorie plan to choose. Some diabetics can look forward to reducing their insulin while many can eliminate oral medication completely.

Blueberry and Almond Chia Pudding-Rich in Antioxidants!

Blueberry and Almond Chia Pudding-Rich in Antioxidants!

Diabetics can enjoy three important benefits that come from a healthy diet and losing weight. Since insulin resistance decreases with weight loss, your natural insulin becomes more effective in lowering blood glucose levels. Blood fat levels and blood pressure can drop as well. And, eventually, maintained weight loss can lead to reducing or eliminating your diabetes medicines.

Fortunately, Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine takes the work and worry out of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We take care of the work for you; no shopping, planning, preparing or cooking. And our meal plan removes the worries of avoiding fat and counting calories. Use promo code BLOG10 for 10% off your first order!


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