What is our paleo menu all about?

At Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine™, we have been creating healthy, chef-prepared gourmet meal plans for customers in Metro Atlanta and across the Southeast since 2003. At Fresh ‘n Fit, we’re employee owned and operated. Creating fresh, healthy meals and helping people reach their weight loss and health goals across the Southeast are our passions.

We designed our paleo plan to be an organic, dairy free, naturally gluten free meal plan for those wanting to eat purely organic products. Because paleo restricts grains, legumes (peanuts, lentils, peas, soybeans), and dairy, individuals considering the paleo meal plan should expect to find meals that are rich in protein with a side of organic fruit or vegetables. While the paleo menu does not adhere to specific caloric targets, the meals are all nutritionally sound and fall in line with the “block system” as followed by the Zone Diet, as well as some Cross Fit boxes.

The paleo menu will be a 2 week rotating menu with choices ranging from 1-3 meals a day and come in 3, 5, and 7 day increments.  They will come in two different portion sizes: standard and beast.

  • Standard: 5 ounces of protein/7 ounces of fruits and vegetables
  • Beast: 8 ounces of protein/7 ounces of fruits and vegetables

We do our best to source all of our products locally. Our vendor information is as follows:

Beef: Joyce Farms

Turkey: Fossil Farms

Pork: Niman Ranch

Fish: Wild Caught

Chicken: Springer Mountain

Organic fruits and vegetables come from sustainable farms across the region.


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