World Health Day: Food Safety

Happy World Health Day! The theme for 2015’s World Health Day is Food Safety, so what better time to talk about what exactly goes into being a USDA inspected kitchen here at Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine! We are proud to have the ONLY USDA inspected kitchen in Atlanta. Having a USDA inspected kitchen means that our kitchen has a USDA inspector present onsite when food is in production or being packed. Our kitchen must meet much stricter food preperation and safety requirements than a kitchen that is only inspected by the local health department. Our food is routinely tested by third party labs as required by USDA regulations. Other pre-prepared meal plan companies in Atlanta are NOT USDA inspected and some even use volunteers to package their food! At Fresh ‘n Fit, we believe in the peace of mind and confidence this extra step provides our customers!

Ready to simplify your life with Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine’s chef prepared, gourmet meals? Whether you’re looking for weight loss with our low carb menu, organic products with our paleo menu, build your own menu with our custom plan,  watching your gluten intake with our gluten free option, or just looking to eat healthier and conveniently with our healthy mix or vegetarian option, we have something for you! Simply subscribe to our blog and take 10% off your first order with promo code BLOG10!

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