NEW pick up location: U First Fitness John’s Creek

Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine is excited to announce our newest partnership with U First Fitness in John’s Creek/Alpharetta! Keep reading below to find out how to get a FREE week at U First! U First Fitness is owned by husband-wife team, Paul & Rene Serrate. Rene’s journey with fitness began at an early age after seeing members her family suffer with various health issues such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, Rene decided to take action to avoid setting herself up for the same kind of path.

Rene , Owner of U First Fitness

Rene , Owner of U First Fitness

She set out on a mission to create a healthy lifestyle that included education on proper nutrition and exercise. Along the way she competed in several Figure Competitions that elevated her to a National Level as an athlete. It was after all this that she decided she wanted to help others accomplish their health goals.

In 2008 U First Fitness was created with the sole purpose of helping people change their lives. At U First, they stress not only fat loss, or physical change, but emotional change as well. It is not enough to simply “lose weight”, it is ever more important to instill a healthy attitude towards life. This is accomplished through proper guidance and support . They’ll teach you how to work out correctly, in a controlled, monitored, and safe environment. They craft our daily workouts to ensure you get the maximum results possible. No one day is ever the same! By constantly changing the workouts, they ensure you never get bored & you continue reaching your health goals!


All of the fitness coaches at U First Fitness are nationally certified and experts in their respective fields. They share a unifying belief of compassion and dedication for each and every client. Rene herself hand picks each and every Coach and holds them accountable to her demanding standards.

Fitness and eating right go hand in hand! Let Fresh ‘n Fit doing the cooking and calorie counting for you! SAVE $20.00 on your first order with promo code FB20! Click HERE to view our menus and order online! Click HERE to get a free week at U First Fitness!


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