Interview with Olympic medalist Manteo Mitchell

Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine is excited about our partnership with USA Track & Field Silver Medalist Manteo Mitchell! Keep reading for our interview with him about how Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine keeps him full and focused as he trains for the 2016 Rio games!

1. What made you interested in trying the Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine meal plan program?
Nutrition and dieting properly play a major role in aiming to be one of the best in my profession. In researching for the right company to align myself with, I felt that Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine (FNF) exceeded what I needed.
2. How does Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine help you meet your health or training goals?
Fueling my body to maintain elite fitness and health is essential. Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine provides me with the proper meals I need daily and weekly to do just that and much more.
3. What has been your favorite meal you’ve had so far?
I’ve actually become fond of a few of the meals. The variety of delicious meals keeps me intrigued when I open them. I kind of like the surprise factor. If I had to choose one meal specifically right now, I’d say the turkey meatballs with the steamed veggies!!!! Really like the omelets too!
Veg pizza, lemon pepper cod, chicken salad, pasta
4. How does the convenience of Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine fit into your daily routine?
This is one of the top reasons I decided to choose Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine. Knowing that I’m pressed for time all the time and have to train anywhere from 4-6 hours a day with weights, recovery, etc. It’s good to know that my meals are already prepared and ready to hit my stomach without having to spend time fixing them myself.
5. Do you have any advice for people who might be on the fence about trying Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine?
Don’t knock it until you try it. The meals are awesome. There are so many combinations in regards to desired taste. You can structure it to meet your specific caloric intake.
6. How do you stay motivated to stick to your diet?
It’s pretty easy when literally everything is provided for you. Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine makes it simple enough that all I have to do is warm the food to the proper temperature and eat it. I feel great and very confident knowing that FNF is providing me with the concrete on my Road To Rio!

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