Success Story Check In: Harlan & Lizbeth Russo

You might remember the success story of Harlan & Lizbeth Russo we posted just last month. They are both retail VPs with a 9 year old daughter, working and living in the Atlanta metro area. We first heard about their story after Harlan reached out to us to share their success while on Fresh ‘n Fit’s meal program with us. We thought their story was too awesome not to share! Keep reading for our check in interview with the Russos!

How has your progress been since we last spoke to you?

We are doing great. We are down about another combined 10 lbs, but have put a real focus on our fitness levels and building muscle. We know this isn’t a race and want to do it right, and for the first time in our lives we have been losing weight through a balance of diet and exercise.

What have been some of your favorite meals while on Fresh ‘n Fit? 

Oh my goodness, there are so many. I love the Asian Short Rib Lettuce Wraps, the French Toast with Almond Butter, and the Nutella Crepes are amazing as well. My wife really enjoys the Sea Bass with Coconut Risotto, the Fish Tacos, and Smoked Turkey Croissant with Brie. We also love how the menus change seasonally so you never get bored.

Summer is an awesome time for fresh vegetables! What are some of your favorite veggies from the Fresh ‘n Fit meals?

I discovered how much I like kale on the Fresh ‘n Fit diet. There’s one dish that its combined with white beans and its absolutely fantastic! My wife loves the new creamed corn they just added on the summer menu

Harlan & Lizbeth Russo before

Harlan & Lizbeth Russo before

How does the convenience of Fresh ‘n Fit meals fit into your daily lives?

The convenience is probably the biggest part that works for us. Working retail and leading a hectic life with our 9 year old daughter, the idea that we don’t have to go hunting down something that’s fresh, balanced and healthy makes all the difference. I see a lot of people working really hard at our gym, and they are not achieving their weight loss goals because they are neglecting the diet piece…mostly due to lack of time.

How have you stayed motivated to stick your diet? 

It really is a mindset.  We had to come to the realization that it’s not a race and it’s going to take sacrifice to achieve our goals. We didn’t get fat overnight and we won’t get thin overnight either. About 30 days into Fresh ‘n Fit, we had detoxed from all the bad sugars and  bad carbs and our body didn’t crave them anymore.

What kind of exercise have you found works best for you?

After my wife and I had lost a fair amount of weight, we decided we needed to add in the exercise piece. We were lighter and feeling much more comfortable with the idea of working out. We joined a HIIT training program (High Intensity Interval Training). The first class I threw up and my wife almost passed out half way through. We realized this was our bodies telling us that we have a ways to go to really be fit. We stuck with it and work out there 4-5 days a week. Our bodies have changed dramatically and we can’t express how many compliments we are getting on a daily basis. The idea of a pushup or a squat was alien to us and now we reel off  sets of them no problem!

What advice or motivation do you have for someone struggling to stick to their fitness routine?

First thing you have to do is realize it will get easier each day that passes. Set small goals and celebrate when you achieve them. If you lapse, make it a one meal lapse or one day lapse…don’t let it become multiple days, or weeks for that matter. Get right back on the horse and keep working towards your goal. String good days together not bad, and it will become a habit…with both exercise and diet. We were totally addicted to food and did essentially zero exercise so if we can do it, so can you!

It’s such an awesome feeling to reach your health or fitness goals, so why not share it with others! If you want to share your success story, email!

Harlan &; Lizbeth Russo after!

Harlan &; Lizbeth Russo after!


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