Eating low carb

Many of our customers come to us with questions about a low carb diet so today, we’re sharing an article written by our registered dietitian, Julia Lott. Read below and then check out our video featuring highlights of our low carb menu!

In recent years, many people have adopted a reduced carb diet lifestyle.  It seems that the Low Carb diet is here to stay.  First of all, let’s define what a carbohydrate is?  A carbohydrate is a compound composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which includes fiber, starches and sugars.   Once eaten, the body turns carbohydrates into sugar called glucose.   Glucose is then used for energy.  If there is any leftover glucose not used up for energy it is stored as fat.  A carbohydrate is one of three macronutrients that we eat every day; the other two being fat and protein.  In general, these three macronutrients create our total daily calorie intake.

So what does low carbohydrate intake mean and how can it be beneficial to one’s health?  A low carbohydrate diet can range from 50 to 150 grams a carbohydrate a day.  Each individual has different nutrient needs.  There has not been a specific value determined to define the amount of carbohydrate grams in a low carb diet.  The values can vary due to such things as health status and physical activity.

There are many benefits to consuming a low carb diet.  Many low carb diets are naturally gluten free (Gluten is a protein is found in grains, such as wheat, barley, and rye).  Additionally, a low carb diet can give a jump start in reaching weight loss goals.  Furthermore, it can be beneficial to individuals with nutrition related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Consuming a low carbohydrate diet can allow individuals to experiment and try a variety of healthful non-starchy vegetables.  Some examples of non-starchy vegetables are spinach, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, and mushrooms.  These vegetables are rich in the fiber, Vitamin C, A, and K.  Vitamin C is protects against cell damage;  Vitamin A aids in making your immune system stronger and lastly; Vitamin K helps wound healing, bone health and prevents hardening of the arteries.

Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine TM has created an exciting NEW Low Carb Menu that offers seasonal carbohydrate controlled meals that let you stay on stay on track with your weight loss and/or maintenance goals.  See our complete menu at


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