Success Stories: Harlan & Lizbeth Russo

Looking for a little weight loss motivation? Look no further! We’re always thrilled when a customer shares their success story with us after being on our meal plan, so now we want to share their stories with all of you! Our first story comes from Harlan Russo and his wife, Lizbeth.  Harlan and his wife are both in upper management of retail companies, so their jobs mean long hours and ever-changing schedules. View Harlan’s before and after pictures and read our Q&A with him below to see how Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine changed his family’s lifestyle.


Harlan & Lizbeth Russo before

Harlan & Lizbeth Russo before

1. Why did you choose to get started on the Fresh ‘n Fit meal plans?

My wife and I started the Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine meal plans in October of 2013. We are both work in upper management of retail so we have long hours and crazy schedules. We were always eating fast food and whatever was convenient for us to grab in a drive thru. Eventually I got tired of seeing the scales go up and seeing my wife and I continue to get larger. We tried other diet plans, but nothing had worked for us before. We were both discouraged, but finally I said “enough is enough”, started researching, found Fresh ‘n Fit and we started the meal plan.

2. What has been the biggest advantage for you while on Fresh ‘n Fit?

The convenience of the meals has been a huge advantage to us because we both work such long hours. The meals are easy to take with us to work so we are able to eat whenever we have the time. We also love the rotating menu and the variety of options.

3. What makes Fresh ‘n Fit different from other weight loss plans that you have tried?

Both my wife and I have tried other diet plans before. We would have a couple days or weeks where we stayed on it, but we eventually fall off. With Fresh ‘n Fit, we don’t feel like we’re eating “diet” food. The food is fresh, delicious, and gourmet and leaves you feeling full & satisfied at the end of each meal.

4. What advice would you give to someone that was considering trying Fresh ‘n Fit?

My wife was miserable every time we went on a diet plan previous to Fresh ‘n Fit, and believe me we tried them all! This by far was the easiest to transition into and we feel like we have made a lifestyle change into something sustainable, not some gimmicky diet that will cause us to gain all of our weight back. The food is great and the chefs do a great job of constantly mixing it up so you don’t get bored. I’m confident that we would still be grossly overweight and continuing that downward spiral had we not made the decision to try Fresh ‘n Fit. I feel it’s literally saved our lives.

5. Do you find that you spend any more money buying a meal plan than you do buying food & cooking for yourself?

Actually we are saving money! When we put a pen to paper and added up how much we were spending on eating out 3 times a day and grabbing a $5 cup of coffee, this diet was actually cheaper. Our grocery bill on top of that was ridiculous and our house was littered with junk food. Now our food bill is right in line with where it should be and we are eating the right stuff and losing weight.

It’s such a great feeling to accomplish a health goal, so why not share your success with others? If you’ve had success with Fresh ‘n Fit, email your story to

Harlan & Lizbeth Russo after!

Harlan & Lizbeth Russo after!



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