The Dieting Dilemma & Custom Meal Options

Many of our customers used to dutifully choke down tasteless and boring frozen dinners, drink shake after shake or risk serious health problems with the latest diet craze. Now they lose weight by eating real food, and so can you. At Fresh ‘n Fit, we offer 4 different meal options: healthy mix (our traditional menu), low-carb, gluten-free, & vegetarian. We also offer the ONLY custom meal plan in our area. With our custom option, you get to select your meal from our 4 different menus. You get to eat what you want, while still hitting your weight loss goals! Our 4-week recycling menu will keep you delighted, satisfied and on target with creative combinations and endless variety.

Spring menu collage

Hunger won’t haunt you on our plan since it features fresh, wholesome ingredients and is balanced nutritionally. You’ll be eating satisfying portions without adding meaningless calories. Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine™ is so delicious and the plan is so easy to follow that the idea of dieting will hardly ever cross your mind.


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